I couldn’t really care much about the Australia v NZ debate… if there was one though the Kiwi’s are definitely smashing us in the rotary department. 6 Rotor? Yeah… its happening!

Pulse Performance Race Engineering (PPRE) are the boys that used to be responsible for Mad Mike’s Badbul before he went back to KiwiRE. This is the latest from them that is generating a lot of interest from around the world. PPRE6B Drag RX-4.

There’s a fair bit of body work involved, which includes roll bars that were made to accommodate the stock dash… although they’re not sure it’ll fit. Would be very cool if it did though.

Tubbed and tubed by PPRE. Apparently this is going to be run on the road as well the ‘zeroyon’… hence the reason why the original floor-pan was kept. Although they’ll need to get these certified, even the thought about running machines like this on the street is a pretty good incentive to go live in New Zealand…

Hence the reason for the Tubs!

Treaded tyres for the street, not sure if there is enough room in the cabin for the set required to come home from the corner store!

Anyways what a crazy build! Gotta give it to PPRE for doing all the R&D and fabricating on this insane machine. We’ll keep you updated as much as we can!

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10 Responses to 6 ROTOR DRAG: PPRE Drag RX-4

  1. Wow. I’m amazed of this project guys! Can’t wait to see any video of this MONSTER in action! Great job guys ;)

  2. SEO says:

    OMG, how many those rear wheels wheights? It’s so huge. How many HP do you expect from those 6 rotors?

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  4. Björn says:

    What ECU are they going to run? Can’t imagine an ECU up to date that can handle 6 rotors.

  5. Warren says:

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your interest. The wheels are reallly quite light they are racing wheels so built lite. We are expecting around 800Hp atw. We are having a custom ecu made with enough drivers to run her.

  6. curtis says:

    where is the e shaft? its not installed in the one picture.

    • uNeckBeard Bastageu says:

      They were OBVIOUSLY taking install pics … actually i think the only reason you mention that Curtis,… is you wanted complete strangers to know that curtis the badass mechanic knew that was an ‘e’ shaft missing in one picture

  7. selva rotarykid says:

    hey guys,,,ur ride is an monster lo…hw d hell la guys u do d shaft for 6 rotors…

  8. Jacques says:

    Exellent workit guys exellent. This fine example will run 12 sec … NOT quater mile, but 12 sec to
    the moon without nasa even finding it on their radar yure cool…

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